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At Your End Step

Dec 29, 2014



  • Entries into our contest is closed and we will announce the winners on our next episode, which will be recorded on January 6th. Thank you to all that participated!




Dec 18, 2014

1 week left for the contest! We are currently at 24 reviews, need 1 more for the FTV giveaway!





  • Cardmageddon was a colossal failure.

    • $25k in prizes were given out for a total of...

Dec 11, 2014



World Championship Day 1 (Tuesday)


  • Vintage Masters draft and Modern.

    • Chapin, Shenhar, and Cifka were the 3-0 drafters.

    • Anything to discuss on VM draft? Josh Utter Leyton opened the lone piece of power, a Mox Jet.

    • Josh Utter Leyton seemingly breaks the Modern format with his...

Nov 28, 2014



  • Jordan’s last show :’(


Nov 20, 2014



  • GP: Madrid was capped at 1900. The cap was hit, but players like Patrick Dickmann and Jeremy Dezani were allowed to enter while others were turned away.

    • Players that were turned away got the option to play in a PTQ on Sunday (11/16)

    • How do we feel about this? Obviously Wizards would prefer to...