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At Your End Step

Oct 30, 2014


  • Trevor Humphries and Alex Bertoncini banned for cheating.

    • Is Jared Boettcher next? If so, how does this affect Worlds? (Chris Fennell would get in as the next at-large player.)


Oct 23, 2014


  • This past weekend’s Standard Open and Modern IQ winner Trevor Humphries is under investigation by SCG for cheating (shuffling).

    • Prize money is being held until review is complete. If found guilty, prize will be donated to charity.

  • TCGPlayer 50k Championship is coming this weekend....

Oct 16, 2014



FNM Updates, Now you can play literally anything

Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir CoverageU

Oct 9, 2014



  • Newest MTGO Fail of the Week

    • Half of the top 8 had auto-submitted 80 card decks.

    • Winner was asked by Mike Turian to re-play the finals, which he declined.

    • There will be a make-up top 8 played on Nov 2nd for another slot.




  • No Standard last week as SCG was off for GP...

Oct 2, 2014



  • SCG Coverage Discussion

    • New Jersey had fine coverage, Indy eh….

      • No Deck Techs

      • No Feature Match Area

      • No Top 8 Profiles, etc.




  • Dual SCG Opens


  • How Did We Do?

    • Jordan and his awesome top 8, Mike Cashed

    • Format Discussion, AYES decks going...