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At Your End Step

Dec 10, 2015

We come back from a short break to talk about some new Oath of the Gatewatch cards, discuss how standard is shaping up and speculate over the new GP promo.


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Joe D
over five years ago

Thanks for another highly entertaining episode guys. I've been a listener for a few months and this is one of only a couple MtG podcasts I seek out each week since jumping back into the game this past August. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the coverage of the recent TCG tournament was subpar - mostly thanks to Frank Lepore; that guy irks the hell out of me. Frank should have worn a pit-stained t-shirt and an old pair of sweatpants with flip-flops (with socks of course) so that at least his appearance would match the sloppiness of his coverage. Anywho - looking forward to the next episode!