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At Your End Step

Nov 20, 2014



  • GP: Madrid was capped at 1900. The cap was hit, but players like Patrick Dickmann and Jeremy Dezani were allowed to enter while others were turned away.

    • Players that were turned away got the option to play in a PTQ on Sunday (11/16)

    • How do we feel about this? Obviously Wizards would prefer to have pros play in the GP, but is this going too far?


  • The new MTGO Legacy Cube debuts on 11/19 and runs until 12/10. Will pay out in Vintage Masters packs.

    • Wizards set up a few preview drafts last week with notable pros and streamers to show off the new cube. (LSV, Paul Cheon, Tom Martell, Numot, Greg Hatch, etc.)


  • This week’s South Park episode will be partially about Magic. Thoughts?




GP: Madrid (Modern)

  • Won by Immanuel Gerschenson playing RUG (Temur) Delver.

  • Top 8 Decks

    • 2x Junk Pod (No Melira)

    • Melira Pod

    • G/R Through the Breach

    • RUG Delver

    • Mono W Martyr/Proclamation

    • Scapeshift

    • White Rock (With 4x Siege Rhino!)

  • Patrick Dickmann finished 9th with UR Twin (4 Dig Through Time)

  • Ivan Floch finishes 10th with Jeskai Delver

    • 11-16th decks

    • Blue Moon

    • UR Delver

    • Scapeshift

    • UR Twin

    • White Rock

    • Junk Pod


GP: New Jersey (Legacy)

  • 4003 players showed up. Largest Legacy tournament ever and 3rd largest GP of all time.

    • Twitch stream had over 20k viewers during the finals, rivaling Pro Tour coverage.

  • Coverage was excellent, as expected. SCG went out of their way to simplify the coverage for viewers not familiar with Legacy.

    • Examples: Format overview before the tournament started. Deck primer videos breaking down most archetypes in Legacy.

  • Won by Brian Braun-Duin playing Jeskai Stoneblade

    • Tom Ross and Dan Jordan also make top 8.

  • Top 8 Decks:

    • Jeskai Stoneblade

    • Infect

    • Storm

    • 2x UWr Miracles

    • UR Delver

    • MUD

    • UR Landstill

  • Other notables in the top 16 include Bob Huang, Ross Merriam, Eli Kassis, and Jarvis Yu (All now Q’d for the Pro Tour)



  • Jordan will be stepping down as an AYES host at the end of the month.




How do you balance Magic with other hobbies/responsibilities/real life?




  • Pimp my contest.

  • Shoutout to Comic Town.

  • Who is going to PTQ this weekend?