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At Your End Step

Dec 11, 2014



World Championship Day 1 (Tuesday)


  • Vintage Masters draft and Modern.

    • Chapin, Shenhar, and Cifka were the 3-0 drafters.

    • Anything to discuss on VM draft? Josh Utter Leyton opened the lone piece of power, a Mox Jet.

    • Josh Utter Leyton seemingly breaks the Modern format with his new build of Jeskai Ascendancy combo (also played by Martell and PV). Takes out green entirely and uses Fatestitcher and/or Faerie Conclave to go off.

    • Patrick Chapin is the lone 7-0 after day 1. Played UR Delver in Modern.


World Championship Day 2 (Wednesday)


  • KTK Draft and Standard.

    • Yuuya Watanabe, Kentaro Yamamoto, and Jacob Wilson were the 3-0 drafters.

    • Due to the untimed rounds, a lot of players went with Whip decks in Standard (Abzan or Sidisi).

    • There were a couple of cool decks including Sam Black’s RW Tokens and the new Mono Red deck played by Levy and Dezani, but Watanabe reshaped the landscape of Standard with his Jesaki Tokens deck. Many WMC teams, including the US, picked it up for the Unified Standard portion (much like Kibler’s RG aggro deck last year). The deck was all over the SCG Open as well.

    • Chapin, Watanabe, Yamamoto, and Shenhar round out the top 4.

      • Shaun Mclaren finishes 5th on breakers.

    • Watanabe and Yamamoto had ID’d in round 13, which caused a little stir on Twitter by one Mr. Kibler. Do we really care about this?


Off Day (Thursday)


  • PV’s Worlds report is published on Channel Fireball. Indicates an incident involving Jeremy Dezani and one of the dealers on site (Magic Bazaar). The dealer had a list of cards that other Worlds competitors had purchased and shared with Dezani. We don’t know if this info was asked for or just shared by the dealer, but apparently Dezani’s story changed from “I don’t know anything” to “Well, I didn’t ask for this info…”.


World Magic Cup Day 1 (Friday)


  • Malaysia leads the pack after day 1 with the only perfect record (6-0-1).

  • USA finished 26th after day 1, advancing to pool play as a lower seed.

  • Notable day 2 misses were Japan (33rd on breakers), France (48th), and Canada (66th).

  • Portugal’s Marcio Carvalho was DQ’d for presenting an illegal deck (59 card deck. card under his life pad?). The team was allowed to play on with their 3 remaining members. Carvalho has been suspended for cheating before in 2009 and according to pros like Tom Martell, Patrick Chapin, and Matt Sperling, he has run this same cheat in the past. Here is Carvalho’s side of the story.


World Magic Cup Day 2 (Saturday)


  • USA goes 5-1 in pool play to advance to the top 8.

  • South Korea, Greece, Slovak Republic, Serbia, Denmark, England, and Brazil round out the top 8.


WMC and World Championship Finals (Sunday)


  • USA defeats the Slovak Republic but falls to Greece in the top 4.

  • Denmark takes the title in an exciting final match against Greece.

  • Modern Masters 2015 Edition is announced, along with the 3 TBD Grand Prix in May 2015.

    • Will add M10, M11, Zendikar block, and Scars block.


  • Shahar Shenhar becomes the first ever back-to-back World Champion after crushing Patrick Chapin in the finals!




  • SCG Invitational in Seattle (Standard and Legacy).

  • Cardmageddon in Las Vegas (Standard)

  • GP Baltimore (Limited)

  • GP Milan (Modern). Will the new Ascendancy deck dominate?

  • PPTQs on 12/13 @ Empire and at Old School Gaming in Toledo.




  • Less than 2 weeks left for our contest!

  • Comic Town is still running Open Series trials all December and on the 1st Friday of January.

  • Super IQ at Comic Town on 12/27 (2 slots).

  • 10K PTQ on 1/10 run by CT. Invitation, $$$, CHAMPIONSHIP BELT!! Pays out to top 64!