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At Your End Step

Nov 28, 2014



  • Jordan’s last show :’(


Nov 20, 2014



  • GP: Madrid was capped at 1900. The cap was hit, but players like Patrick Dickmann and Jeremy Dezani were allowed to enter while others were turned away.

    • Players that were turned away got the option to play in a PTQ on Sunday (11/16)

    • How do we feel about this? Obviously Wizards would prefer to...

Nov 13, 2014


Nov 6, 2014


  • Jared Boettcher suspended for 46 months, Rookie of the Year title revoked.

    • Title passes down to Ray Perez Jr, who will now attend worlds.


  • Commander 2014 will be released this Friday. Full spoiler is out.

    • What do we think of this release as a whole?

    • Are there any cards we think will...