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At Your End Step

Apr 27, 2016

Man, what a jam packed episode! We talk about anything and everything that came out of #PTSOI, winners, decks, and organized play changes.



Apr 20, 2016

We recorded a little early this week since Mike is headed off to the Pro Tour this week. Everyone wish him luck! Also come hear us discuss SCG's statement about GP Charlotte, all of the GP's that happened over the weekend, and Dave and Morgan's #SCGINVI preformances.

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Apr 15, 2016

This week, we discuss WotC's new CEO, talk about the upcoming MTG Documentary, and break down SCG Baltimore to get everyone prepped for the #SCGINVI in Columbus, OH

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Apr 8, 2016

The week we are joined by none other than Level 2 Judge JP! We talk to him about the judge program, and we all discuss the B&R changes, and what the winners and losers are in modern.

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