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At Your End Step

Oct 9, 2014



  • Newest MTGO Fail of the Week

    • Half of the top 8 had auto-submitted 80 card decks.

    • Winner was asked by Mike Turian to re-play the finals, which he declined.

    • There will be a make-up top 8 played on Nov 2nd for another slot.




  • No Standard last week as SCG was off for GP Orlando (limited).


  • Won by Eugene Hwang, playing Mardu.

    • Solid top 8 headlined by the adorable duo of Melissa Detora and Frank Lepore. Other notables included Harry Corvese, Pierre Mondon, Sol Malka.

    • Tom Ross dominated the tournament until the final 2 rounds, where he took his only losses.

    • What do we think of the limited format, from what we have seen so far?



  • SCG Fall States

    • What are we all planning on playing?

    • Is the expected metagame any different now that we have some results?


  • At Your End Step Fantasy Pro Tour


Qualified Players:


Top 25 last year:



  1. Yuya Watanabe

  2. Josh McClain

  3. Patrick Chapin

  4. Stanislav Cifka



  1. Jeremy Dezani

  2. Owen Turtenwald

  3. Josh Utter-Leyton

  4. Jon Finkel



  1. Shuhei Nakamura

  2. Jared Boettcher

  3. Melissa DeTora

  4. Yuuki Ichikawa




  1. Reid Duke

  2. William Huey Jensen

  3. Tom Martell

  4. Tomoharu Saito