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At Your End Step

Oct 23, 2014


  • This past weekend’s Standard Open and Modern IQ winner Trevor Humphries is under investigation by SCG for cheating (shuffling).

    • Prize money is being held until review is complete. If found guilty, prize will be donated to charity.

  • TCGPlayer 50k Championship is coming this weekend. Thoughts on the new schedule?



  • SCG Worcester Standard Open:

    • Top 8 headlined by Dave Shiels (playing Jeskai) and Andrew Boswell (playing Lax Abzan Midrange)

    • Top 8 decks: 2 Jeskai, 3 Abzan Midrange, 1 Boss Sligh, 1 Gb Devotion, 1 Temur Midrange

    • Won(?) by Trevor Humphries playing Jeskai. (0 Rabblemasters, 3 Brimaz and 1 Narset maindeck)

  • Legacy Open won by Ben Glancy playing Esper Deathblade featuring 3 Treasure Cruise.

    • Treasure Cruise is taking over! 4 decks with Treasure Cruise in the top 8 including 2 U/R Delver decks.

  • Modern IQ

    • Won(?) by Trevor Humphries.

    • 2 Naya Zoo in the top 8.

    • 4 U/R Delver in the top 16, all with Treasure Cruise.

    • Dig Through Time starting to show up in various lists, including Twin and Jeskai Geist.


  • Grand Prix Los Angeles:

    • Notable top 8 competitors: Brad Nelson (Mardu Midrange), National Team member Isaac Sears (Abzan Aggro)

    • Top 8 decks: 2 Abzan Aggro, 2 Abzan Midrange, 2 Boss Sligh, 1 GR Monsters, 1 Mardu Midrange

    • Won by Daniel Scheid playing GR Monsters.

      • Top 16 included Patrick Chapin (Abzan Midrange), Brian Kibler (Temur Monsters), Fabrizio Anteri (Abzan Midrange), and Valentin Mackl (Mardu Midrange)


  • Dave’s Deck Corner

    • Spotlight on the Mardu list played by Brad Nelson, Valentin Mackl, and Patrick Dickmann.


This Weekend


  • Mike and Morgan talk about preparation, what decks they are thinking of playing at the TCGPlayer 50k?