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At Your End Step

Oct 30, 2014


  • Trevor Humphries and Alex Bertoncini banned for cheating.

    • Is Jared Boettcher next? If so, how does this affect Worlds? (Chris Fennell would get in as the next at-large player.)


  • Format change for the World Championships announced.

    • Day 1: 3 rounds of IRL Vintage Masters draft (packs will be generated on MTGO and then physically re-constructed), 4 rounds of Modern.

    • Day 2: 3 rounds of KTK draft, 4 rounds of Standard.

    • Top 4 will be Standard.




  • Eternal Weekend

    • Legacy Championship won by Kevin Jones (UR Delver)

    • 6 Delver decks in the top 8, 1 Punishing Maverick, 1 UB Tezzeret

    • Vintage Championship won by Mark Tocco (Oath). Won with a virtual turn 1 kill in the final game!

    • Harry Corvese also made top 8, playing Oath.

    • 4 Delver decks in the top 8 here as well.


  • GP Stockholm (Standard)

    • Won by Matej Zatlkaj playing Jeskai Aggro.

    • Other notables in the top 8 included Christian Seibold (Sidisi Whip) and Lukas Blohon (BG Constellation).

    • Top 8 decks: Abzan Midrange, 2x BG Constellation, 2x Jeskai Aggro, Temur Aggro, Sidisi Whip, Mono Red

    • Top 16 Decklists: 2 More Sidisi Whip decks, 2 Mardu Midrange, etc.


  • SCG Minneapolis

    • Standard Open won by Andrew Johnson (Jeskai Aggro)

    • Top 8 decks: 2x Jeskai Aggro, UW Control(!), 2x Abzan Midrange, RG Monsters, Mardu Midrange, Temur Monsters

    • Brad Nelson (BW Aggro) and Jeff Hoogland (Temur Monsters) finished in the top 16.


  • Legacy Open won by Anthony Leen (Jeskai Delver).

  • Pretty diverse top 8, including Lands and Slivers!



  • TCGPlayer 50K Championship

    • Mike and Morgan attended. Any fun stories?

    • Won by Andrew Baeckstrom (Mardu Midrange).

    • Other notables in the top 8 included Josh McClain (Abzan Midrange), Raymond Perez (Abzan Midrange), and Caleb Durward (RG Midrange).

    • Top 8 Decks: 3 Mardu Midrange, 2 Abzan Midrange, Temur Monsters, RG Midrange, Jeskai Ascendancy Combo.

    • Top 16 featured Craig Wescoe (RW Aggro) and Melissa Detora (Mardu Midrange).


  • Dayton PTQ/SCG Elite IQ

    • Mike finished 11th at the PTQ

    • Shoutout to Riley for winning the PTQ!

    • Dave split in the finals of the Elite IQ on Sunday, was pretty lucky to do so.



  • Caleb Durward and Cody Lingelbach played on camera in the top 4 of the TCGPlayer 50K. Since the top 4 had split, they made a gentleman’s agreement to mulligan to 2 (or 4 for game 3).

    • While this is technically legal, do we feel like this made a mockery of the tournament and/or coverage? Caleb apologized to the community via Facebook, do we feel like this was necessary or are people making a big deal about nothing?




  • Contest!

  • Comic Town is having a Spooky Halloween FNM!

    • $25 gift certificates will be given away to both the best costume, and the funniest costume of the night!