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At Your End Step

Nov 28, 2014



  • Jordan’s last show :’(


  • Star City Games announces changes to the Open Series.

    • There will be one main event per weekend. New structure to mirror that of GPs.

    • Modern will now be a supported Open format

    • Two 5k Premier IQs will be run on Sundays for the formats not used in the main event.

    • Increased prize payout (along with increased entry fee to $50)

    • Byes will be returning for Opens and no longer available for Invitationals. Can be earned by being in the top 32 on the leaderboard or through Open Trials. (Good opportunity to talk about Comic Town’s Open Trial FNMs all next month.)

    • Invitationals will now either be Standard/Legacy OR Standard/Modern.

      • These changes seemingly will have a huge impact on the Legacy community. Are people overreacting?


  • What did we think of last week’s South Park episode? (We were all way off by the way)


  • Melissa Detora accepts an internship with Wizards R&D.

    • Frank Lepore chooses love over the Pro Tour and will move to Renton with her.


  • Ari Lax’s twitter post from the GP prompts discussion about the morph rule.

    • How do we feel about this situation? Should this rule be changed?




  • GP Ottawa (Limited)

    • Seth Manfield wins his 3rd GP. Top 8 was stacked with Shahar Shenhar, Lucas Siow, Sam Black, Neal Oliver, and Pascal Maynard also making it.

    • Matt Costa just missed, finishing 9th after an undefeated day 1.

    • Huey lost his win-and-in for yet another GP top 8.


  • SCG Richmond

    • Harlan Firer takes down the Standard Open with Jeskai Token Combo. Lots of sweet decks in the top 8, including Shaheen Soorani’s Esper Control, Aaron Barich’s Abzan Aggro, Kevin Jones’ Jeskai Aggro, and Brad Nelson’s 4-Color Midrange.

    • Return of Ali Aintrazi? Finishes 9th on breakers with UB Control.


  • European invasion at the Legacy Open! Marc Konig (Bahra on Twitch) wins with Death & Taxes.

    • Several European players that had traveled for GP NJ stuck around for another week to play in the Richmond Open.

    • Other Europeans placing highly included Tomas Vlcek (top 8), Philipp Schonegger (10th), Julian Knab (11th).

    • Joe Lossett top 8s again and loses in the finals. Ben Friedman also made top 8.

  • Modern IQ won by Niklas Kronberger playing Scapeshift.

    • 6th place list is adorable. Mono Skred!


  • Mike discusses his journey to the PTQ in Cleveland.




  • GP San Antonio (Standard) and GP Strasbourg (Limited) Nov 29-30

  • SCG Open will be in Atlanta this weekend as well.


  • Worlds Week starts next week in Nice, France!

    • Dec 2-3 will be first 2 days of the World Championship.

      • Day 1: 3 rounds of Vintage Masters Draft and 4 rounds of Modern.

      • Day 2: 3 rounds of KTK Draft and 4 rounds of Standard.

      • Top 4 will be played on Sunday, Dec 7th. Standard, best of 5.

      • Coverage will start at 3am EST on all days.

    • Who are we all picking to win?


  • Dec 5-6 will be the first 2 days of the World Magic Cup.

    • At the start of each day, teams must choose which members will play in each format. Cannot have the same configuration twice for the same format. Teams also choose which decks players will play.

    • Day 1: 3 rounds of KTK team sealed and 4 rounds of team unified Standard. Top 32 teams advance to day 2.

    • Day 2, Pool Play: 3 rounds of team sealed, top 2 teams from each pool advance. 3 rounds of team unified standard, top 2 teams from each pool advance to top 8.

    • Top 8 format is not currently showing on Wizards’ event page. I’m assuming it is unified Standard. Sunday, Dec 7th.

    • Coverage will start at 4am EST for days 1 & 2, 3am EST on Sunday.




  • What are we thankful for (in Magic) over the past year?




  • Less than 1 month left to leave us a review on iTunes for the contest!



  • We will be taking a show off next week as we mourn the loss of Jordan.


  • Jordan - parting words?