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At Your End Step

Dec 18, 2014

1 week left for the contest! We are currently at 24 reviews, need 1 more for the FTV giveaway!





  • Cardmageddon was a colossal failure.

    • $25k in prizes were given out for a total of 49 players.

    • Stream was extremely laggy and basically unwatchable. (Not sure if this was due to poor camera quality or bad internet at the venue.)

    • CEO of Card Again posted in this Reddit thread.

    • How or why could this have happened?




  • SCG Invitational in Seattle won by 17 year old Dylan Donegan.

  • SCG Standard Open won by Eric English playing Sidisi Whip.

    • This was the first Open that used the new 15 round format (449 players).

    • Top 8 Decks: Sidisi Whip, RW Aggro, UW Heroic, RG Aggro, Temur Monsters, 3x Abzan Whip

    • The RW Aggro deck played by Eric Pei was also played by Nathan Holiday, who finished 29th.

    • Dave’s Deck Corner - Andrew Tenjum and Thea Steele finished 9th and 10th playing near identical Abzan Aggro decks.

  • Legacy IQ (222 players) won by Joe Bass playing UWr Miracles.

    • Top 8 Decks: Miracles, Grixis Painter, Maverick, Lands, Storm, UR Delver, Omni Tell, Elves

  • Modern IQ (144 players) won by Jeff Fung playing Abzan.

    • Gerry T was the runner up, playing UR Delver (Chapin List).

    • Top 8 Decks: 2x Abzan, UR Delver, Birthing Pod, Jeskai Geist, Scapeshift, 4c Zoo (w/Siege Rhino!), RG Tron


  • GP Baltimore (Limited) was won by Gerard Fabiano.

    • Top 8 also included Ben Stark, Craig Wescoe, Chris Fennell, and Josh Utter-Leyton.

    • Fabiano showed great sportsmanship by scooping game 2 of the finals after life discrepancy judge ruling that benefitted him.


  • GP Milan (Modern) was won by Magnus Lantto playing Birthing Pod.

    • Top 8 Decks: 2x Birthing Pod, 2x Jeskai Ascendancy(different versions), Amulet Combo, Temur Delver, Burn, Affinity*(Old School. Myr Enforcers and Scale of Chiss-Goria ?!?!)





  • PTQ in Dayton run by Epic Loot this Saturday, 12/20. Will also have a Modern PPTQ being run as a side event.

  • Standard PPTQ on Sunday 12/21 at Bell, Book and Comic in Dayton. Capped at 72.

  • Super IQ @ Comic Town on Saturday 12/27.

  • Open Series Trials are still going for the next 3 weeks for Standard FNM @ Comic Town.

  • 10K PTQ on 1/10 being run by Comic Town at the Convention Center.